Leavenworth Police and First Judicial District Attorney Corruption 

Computer Forensics - Email Hearsay Evidence

District Attorney Todd G Thompson is CORRUPT. He prosecuted a single senior father on accusation from the mother of his son for fake email (hearsay) PFS violations. Absolute corruption. Unbelievable that this corruption goes unstopped in the USA. Hon. Dan K. Wiley\\\\\'s cousin is pictured in the LV police room filing false reports - WITH A MINOR CHILD - THIS IS CHILD ABUSE IN THE LEAVENWORTH JUSTICE CENTER. Some persons are stupid or corrupt in the Leavenworth Kansas Justice Center. The police will believe anything some persons say, including Rebecca Wiley, and file on police reports, or the Leavenworth police are stupid or corrupt. One could think both. 

Probably the corruption is because the Leavenworth Kansas District Family Court Judge Dan K. Wiley is hearing and obstructing the "railroaded" father\\\\\'s custody case. THIS JUDGE COUSIN of Bruce and Rebecca Wiley are the mother\\\\\'s friend, neighbor, and landlord of over 20 years. The DISTRICT JUDGE DAN WILEY stated in family court proceedings that he IS RELATED to HIS COUSINS that were testifying, and HE HAS DONE LEGAL WORK for HIS COUSINS. Yes, the father\\\\\'s attorney, Crow Associates, did not object and thus assisted the COUSIN JUDGE with his bias, prejudice, and interest in the proceedings to NOT make decisions in the " best interest of the Kansas minor child". 

District attorney Todd Thompson prosecuted a single senior father and illegally withheld evidence from the father\\\\\'s defense, evidence that would easily find the real criminal. This violation of oath of office by Leavenworth Kansas County Attorney Todd G "railroad" Thompson is the miscreant willful suppression of exculpatory evidence that proves the father\\\\\'s innocence and can find the REAL criminal suspect (probably the mother, police,  or someone in Todd\\\\\'s office). As stated on the police body camera video, Detective Tesh St John could have easily found the criminal too. This is police and DA corruption. The single senior father was harassed and persecuted in court for three and a half years. Tesh and Todd are the criminals.

THIS IS ILLEGAL. Todd cannot deliberately HIDE EVIDENCE and try to push the trial FAST WITHOUT REAL EVIDENCE (not hearsay and lies). THE BRADY RULE is to prevent conviction by HIDING EVIDENCE. This is an effort to "railroad" a single parent father and is deliberate harassment (and abusive to children and family). 

Todd, Hon. Joan M. Lowdon, Michael, Angela McClune, Kathryn Devlin, Jose Guerra, and Tesh R St John DO NOT want to find the REAL CRIMINALS that created the MANY evidentiary emails. IT IS THE T-MOBILE PHONE ACCOUNT in control of the IPV6 listed in Tesh\\\\\'s subpoena results from GOOGLE in his Police Case Narrative. Watch an episode of crime TV, the show tells you how to trace emails with subpoenas to Google and then a subpoena to T-Mobile or ISP. This is OLD technology - and this refusal to find the criminal identifies police corruption to not find the criminal. And, since Officer Cody Williams stated on police camera that it is "easy" to find the a suspect from an IPv6. 

Police BWC obtained from subpoena of Deputy Police Chief Major Dan Nicodemus is published to show the abuse of process and the absolute corruption of Tesh St, John and Todd Thompson, and others. Corruption is not investigated by Chief Patrick Kitchens and the "Blue Wall Code" stands to protect bad police.

The judge on this case is stupid as a rock or as corrupt as the police and DA to allow absolute hearsay charges, lawfare, and persecution of senior in his court - THE POLICE ARE THE CRIMINALS AND PROVEN GUILTY - and these cases lasted almost 4 years - AND STILL GOING - one could say this is judicial obstruction or corruption or stupid as a rock. One can choose.

Leavenworth Kansas police stole the identity of a single father to create email account, and then the DA prosecuted him on FAKE EMAILS likely created by DETECTIVE TESH ST. JOHN. POLICE CORRUPTION!
           Benjamin N. Casad discovered the stolen identity crimes committed by the Leavenworth Kansas police. Thanks to Ben Casad for discovering the identity theft crimes and the police corruption of the suspect Detective Tesh R. St John - Google Legal provided the evidence from a subpoena that was written by the "railroaded" single senior father for Casad. The single "railroaded\\\\\' father wrote over ten subpoenas to get the identification of the criminals. NO POLICE OR DA WOULD SEND A SUBPOENA TO T-MOBILE - because this would have found the criminal suspect Tesh St John. 
Benjamin Casad accidently discovered the Leavenworth police corruption of Tesh stealing the identity of the single father. The police created at least one fake email account and USED THE ACCOUNT TO SEND EMAILS. THE POLICE AND District attorneys Todd Thompson and Kathryn Devlin created evidence to "railroad\\\\\' a single senior father to stop the father and son from seeing each other. THIS IS SICKNESS IN THE LEAVENWORTH JUSTICE CENTER. The KBI, FBI, or Attorney General needs to find the police criminals! Detective Tesh R. St. John is reported as the suspect to the Kansas Attorney General for investigation of police corruption, lying, extorsion, and theft with the assistance of Benjamin Casad to commit these crimes. Kathryn Devlin started this corruption with her lawfare charges - disgusting.
           Det. Tesh R St. John could have found the criminal but he did not, because he may be the criminal. He refused to submit the IPv6 to T-Mobile for the criminal\\\\\'s name. Det. Tesh St. John is a suspect in the identity theft and illegal creation and use of an email account with a single senior father\\\\\'s identity. Then Tesh R St John corruptly created false charges against a single senior father. Tesh is disgusting. The Attorney General and KBI have Tesh St. John as the Leavenworth police identity theft suspected criminal. Tesh St John lied, created false police reports, filed false charges for retaliation, extorted, and committed theft. He is corrupt and criminal.
           Tesh said he LACKED EDUCATION AND KNOWLEDGE and the KBI would have helped him, but Det. Tesh St. John refused to find the criminal - This is Leavenworth police corruption. After 20 years employed by the Leavenworth police, promoted to detective, and cannot find a T-Mobile account with an IPv6 - Liar and corrupt. I think the Leavenworth police and district attorney Jose Guerra and Angela McClure know EXACTLY who the suspects are - and the criminals are in the Leavenworth Justice Center.
           The Leavenworth police used STOLEN INFORMATION TO CREATE AT LEAST ONE ILLEGAL INTERNET EMAIL ACCOUNT - Created in the LV police station.
      Detective Tesh St. John REFUSED TO FILE A POLICE REPORT FOR THE IDENTY THEFT that was committed in the Leavenworth Kansas police station.
          Another Leavenworth police officer, ALSO REFUSED TO FILE A POLICE REPORT FOR THE IDENTY THEFT CRIME AND THE THREATS sent to the single father. The LV officer impolitely and NOT NICELY asked the single father that is a victin of police corruption to LEAVE the police station. Angela McClure did not help the single father VICTIM. The OPPD did file an identity theft report.
Police Body Camera revieled that Officer Williams stated EXACTLY how to identify the criminal that was creating and sending illegal emails.
HERE IS Officer Williams BWC video stating exactly how easy the police and district attorney can find a suspect of an email.
LISTEN TO THE LEAVENWORTH POLICE BODY CAMERA VIDEO of Officer Cody Williams. This officer stated that the innocent until proven single father WOULD BE CHARGED ANYWAY. Are you serious - an Army vet and NO SENSE OF JUSTICE. Oh, and Officer Cody Wiliams also stated that "the DA (Todd or Jose Guerra or Kathryn Devlin or Michael) WOULD LOVE TO HAVE MORE CHARGES ON THE SINGLE FATHER!"
What country do we live in with police, DA, and Angela McClure wanting to railroad a single father AND CAUSE CHILD ABUSE. You are child abusers - PERIOD. JOSE GUERRA IS A CHILD ABUSER, "essentially" because he knows of child abuse and encourages child abuse. Jose Guerra and Angela McClure ALLOW KNOWN CHILD ABUSE - This is illegal and the Leavenworth distrtict attorneys won\\\\\'t stop known child abuse. THIS IS WHY CHILDREN ARE KILLED IN LEAVENWORTH, like Austin and Logan. Did Jose and Angela know of this child abuse before the children were KILLED? 
LISTEN TO Officer Cody Williams stating on BWC that "... he (the single railroaded father) would be CHARGED ANYWAY (by Todd Thompson)."
Officer Cody Williams could have found the real suspect. But, Leavenworth police and prosecutors were going to "railroad" the single father. So, Det. St. John lied when he said he was too incompetent to find the T-Mobile account with the IPv6. Cody said it is easy - and Det. Tesh St. John can\\\\\'t do it?????
MORE BWC LV police videos will be published for police training purposes - what an officer should not speak on BWC. The recording of Det. Tesh St. John stating that he is too ignorant to find a criminal from an IPv6 will be published for evidence - LIAR.
Leavenworth police officer Hoppe listed on the false reports ALSO knows how how to find a suspect with a IPv6 address. THIS IS MASSIVE POLICE CORRUPTION IN LEAVENWORTH KANSAS.
The raildroad case against the single father, which is to prevent a child from visitation and seeing his father, (CHILD ABUSE IN LEAVENWORTH) lasted almost four years, and then another attorney KiAnn Caprice was paid with the extorted $2500 cash money that Det. Tesh St John and Benjamin Casad stole from a child and his father by their lying and corruption. And, then the case was dismissed without prejudice after over 3 years so Jose Guerra and the defendant attorney KiAnn Caprice did NOTHING and denied the single "railroaded" father justice by not going to trial and SEE THE REAL EVIDENCE AND NOT THE PURJURY AND LIES FROM THE PROSECUTOR, POLICE, AND WITNESSES. This case just got continued for the EXTORTED STOLEN $2500 CASH taken from a child by Jose, Tesh, and Ben. THE CASE IS JUST ON HOLD TO THREATEN THE SINGLE FATHER IF HE GETS NEAR HIS SON. JOSE V. GUERRA IS A CHILD ABUSER BECAUSE HE ALLOWS KNOWN CHILD ABUSE. He wants tougher sentences for child abusers - he is a child abuser. STOP THE CHILD ABUSE IN LEAVENWORTH KANSAS.
     Isaiah 3:11 Woe unto the wicked! It shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him. Any man, who harbours sin in his heart and, does that which is wicked; and all about him is evil, in him, before him, after him, round about him, above him, below him. What he deserves he shall get. Dan K. Wiley is NOT He BE the ONE for Kansas nomination for American Legion National CommanderVOTE NO - Kansas Do NOT Present WILEY!
If anyone wants to find the actual email sending criminal and help an abuse child in Leavenworth to see his father then.... 
COPY THE FOLLOWING TEXT INTO A SUBPOENA TO TMOBILE CORPORATION and the police or Todd or Tesh or anyone will have your SUSPECT, which is not the single father being railroaded, harassed, and threatened.
SUBPOENA TO TMOBILE - link to find the real suspect - which is not the father
For Purpose of Discovery, K.S.A. § 22-3212(a), provide reports and any additional information on the following controlling TMobile service user for the following IPv6 addresses at the UTC time documented (physical or electronic copy of information is required):
IPv6 address: 2607:fb90:a2ad:ecb2:7380:375e:29fd:bd3d,
on 2018/01/23-23:13:07-UTC.
IPv6 address: 2607:fb90:a057:add5:4521:be65:2803:b5eb
on 2018/01/24-22:39:26-UTC.
Todd Thompson and Joan Lowdon could find the REAL SUSPECT if they WANTED. And, they should also get the police to send more subpoenas to find the IPv6 addresses of the other, at least eight, FAKE EMAIL ACCOUNTS blamed on the single father. This case shows how fathers are attacked by the Leavenworth county attorneys to prevent fathers access to their children in Leavenworth Kansas. This is called child abuse and creates fatherless children. Parental alienation caused by Todd Thompson and Detective Tesh St. John with the help of CASA, police, attorneys, and Kansas Legal Services. 
THE PERSECUTED FATHER HAS NOT SEEN HIS SON SINCE AUGUST 8, 2020. Leavenworth police, CASA, and district attorneys allow child abuse - LEAVENWORTH DOES NOT CARE ABOUT CHILDREN. Four killed children in the First Judicial District in nine months (2020-2021).
JOSE V. GUERRA IS ALLOWING CONTINUED CHILD ABUSE. 14th Admendment RIGHT are pissed on in Leavenworth Kansas.
Fathers are now being prosecuted by Todd G "railroad" Thompson in Leavenworth for fake emails and text messages from "burner phones" to persecute fathers and separate them from their children (8 PFS/PFA from Leavenworth to prevent a father\\\\\'s access and visitation of his son). How do you give a father EIGHT protection orders and NOT CALL IT HARASSMENT (OH, and the DCF gave the single father EIGHT investigations, again very possible harassment, and Leavenworth county is still allowing the continued abuse of some minor children in their mother\\\\\'s residential care. THIS IS CHILD ABUSE AND NEEDS TO STOP. Fatherless children increases criminal propensity.

Lets make Kansas laws that PROTECT MINOR CHILDREN BEFORE THEY ARE HURT AND PREVENT CHILDREN FROM BEING HURT IN THEIR RESIDENTIAL CARE. Leavenworth needs laws from the county attorney for promoting better residential care of Kansas minor children, before they are harmed, by placement in a home which provides children safety, thus promoting the "Best Interest of the Kansas Minor Child" from the district judges and family court proceedings. Fathers are not allowed in Leavenworth to protect and care for their children with residential custody from the district judges and court proceedings. Todd\\\\\'s persecution of fathers in Leavenworth does not help Kansas minor children and allows continued child abuse. The laws that one needs in Kansas should PROTECT FATHERS AND FAMILIES from false prosecution that prevents healthy interaction of fathers with their children. Fathers, grandparents, or relatives could then protect the children from harm (district case information available).

One could change laws or write legislation to help children before they get harmed by improving judicial decisions for the residential care of Kansas minor children, and by stopping the child abuse of child coached false police reporting in the Leavenworth Justice Center. Tougher sentencing laws do not help Kansas minor children if they are put in unsafe abusive residential care by the district judges. Prevent the crimes and everyone including Kansas taxpayers will benefit. "Too late for the child laws" only increase incarceration expenses (gets more tax money for Leavenworth), and likely has very little child abuse preventative value. Todd helps to abuse the children.

All tougher sentencing legislative changes should instead focus on real child abuse preventive solutions, like legislative changes to promote better family court decisions for residential care. And, write better laws to stop police and district attorney corruption and lying that couses child abuse.

Visit www.FairCourts.net to support judicial legislative changes to HELP KANSAS MINOR CHILDREN.

Push To Change Custody Laws: Whats Best For Kids? PPR Jennifer Ludden - Change laws to help children before they get harmed.

Man sentenced after child sustains 31 broken bones - TOO LATE FOR THE LEAVENWORTH MINOR CHILD. SAFER RESIDENTIAL CARE IS WHAT IS NEEDED. Not "after the fact" tougher sentencing laws. The family courts overlook the real safety needs of Kansas minor children. Maybe a grandparent with residential custody could have protected this child in this case. RESEARCH THIS CASE, and the family court proceedings in other Kansas cases of child death and injury. Do not ever forget Jayla Haag, Adrian Jones, Zayden (1 of 9 children under 5 killed since 2018 in Wichita alone), Jesslinn Hulett, and Caleb Blansett (killed with a rock and knife), and many other children that need safer and better residential care in Kansas, but are not protected by district judges in the Kansas courts. "After the child\\\\\'s death laws" do do not help Kansas minor children.

Leavenworth County Attorney looking for volunteers to help with cases 
By: Ariel Rothfield - Posted at 4:57 PM, Apr 27, 2021 and last updated 5:18 PM, Apr 27, 2021
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With a backlog of cases due to the pandemic, the Leavenworth County Attorneys Office is looking for volunteers to help with cases, work with victims, and fill out paperwork. We just need the extra help and budgets are tight. Money is tight right now, said Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson. It would be a benefit for us and we hope there is a benefit for the community.
Leavenworth police and DA corruption created a backlog of "RAILROAD" cases against fathers and inncocent persons and now Todd is looking for volunteers, even after he raised his budget twice and got more money for his increase in department salaries. (The real New 41 Headline)

Fake emails were created to frame a father allowing the mother to get a PFS signed by the District COUSIN JUDGE, and then more fake emails for PFS violations. (All case documentation available including police cam video.) Horrible untrue statements were spoken about the father (on police cam video). The mother was never questioned for PATHOLOGICAL LYING and FALSE POLICE REPORTING. Over 40 cases were filed by LVPD in approximately 2 years that included the father as suspect, person of interest, or other. OH, and the mother (friend and tenant and neighbor of  District Judge DAN K WILEY COUSINS) made false police reports of PFS violation that are proven false by CCTV video subpoenaed by the father showing the police reports were false, and, of course, proves the father\\\\\'s innocence from one more of the many (FOURTY in 2 years) accusations. Jose Guerra and Kathryn Devlin WASTED TAX MONEY AND RESOURCE JUST TO ALLOW CONTINUED CHILD ABUSE AND ABUSE A SINGLE FATHER. SOMEONE SHOULD PUT A STOP TO THE ABUSES OF JOSE GUERRA, Kathryn Devlin, and the LV attorneys

Jose Guerra was arrested in connection with rape, sexual grooming of a child and sexual assault. Is this person innocent and being "railroaded\\\\\' by the police, District Attorney and a pathological lying woman? With corruption in the Leavenworth Kansas police station and (in) Justice Center how can children be protected from those vested in protecting Kansas children?


The Kansas minor child is threatened and COACHED many times by the mother to report lies about the father. This illegal false police reporting in Leavenworth and abuse to the Kansas minor child included the DISTRICT JUDGE Dan K Wiley\\\\\'s COUSIN coming to the Leavenworth police station WITH THE MINOR CHILD and mother to file false reports to get a PFA. (Case number and police video available with a picture published.)

Coaching by the mother and the failure of  Kansas Sunflower House forensic interview by Overland Park police Detective Scott Allen Bassett allowed the continued abuse of a Kansas minor child and prosecution / persecution of the father. Kansas Sunflower House and Overlanp Park officer Scott A. Bassett failed to follow interview procedures letting the mother be present in the interview and allowing the mother to coach the minor child during the interview. Video of the MOTHER STANDING BEHIND DETECTIVE BASSETT DURING THE INTERVIEW and child admission will substantiate allegations.

The minor child did get abuse and a stuffed bear from the Sunflower House. Police detective Scott Bassett ADMITTED the failed child forensic interview on phone recordings and then refused to correct the forensic interview TO STOP CHILD ABUSE, thus allowing the father to be prosecuted by both the DCF and LV district court. Scott acted verbally like he would not allow the coaching of a minor child in a SUNFLOWER HOUSE interview, then reneged FIXING THE FAILED INTERVIEW and allowed child abuse to CONTINUE. Additionally, because of the Sunflower House failure to protect a minor child, the father was denied visitation with his son for the entire summer And because of the PFA number SIX from SUNFLOWER HOUSE reports that became indirect perjury in court (exactly what the father told the detective, that failed the interview, would happen). THE SUNFLOWER HOUSE INTERVIEW FAILED AND WAS NOT CORRECTED TO PROTECT THE KANSAS MINOR CHILD AND FATHER. The decreased evidentiary worth of a Sunflower House child forensic interview in court is questionable, The forensic child interviews are WORTHLESS if CORRUPTION in the Sunflower House is allowed.

Detective Scott Bassett is paid over $80,000 a year and CAN NOT PROTECT AN ABUSED CHILD. Scott\\\\\'s boss Detective Barbara Walk, currently with Walk Real Estate Group - RE/MAX, also admitted on recorded conversation of HER knowledge of the failed Sunflower House child interview and DID NOTHING - and she was paid more than Scott. Police MUST be compenent and not corrupt, and police CAN NOT contribute nor ignore any child abuse.

Fathers are prosecuted on worthless Sunflower House interviews, since they will allow prosecution KNOWING they FAILED the child interview. Attorneys need to know that Sunflower House interviews are questionable EVIDENCE, the evidentiary value in court may be zero.

The following is the POLICE CASE NARRATIVE from Detective Tesh St. John for the hearsay email case sent to County Attorney Todd G Thompson for review of prosecution. The criminal can EASILY be found by IPV6 and UTC!

Todd and Tesh wanted to persecute with prosecution LAWFARE!!!!! Abuse of Position - Abuse of Process

EVIDENCE of Police and District Attorney and Leavenworth Bar Attorney CORRUPTION


The IPv6 from the subpoena to Google can identify the device used to send the email. (It is a TMobile account.) Detective Tesh St John failed to subpoena TMobile to find the suspect. Other FAKE email addresses were not subpoenaed and just blamed on the father. THE FATHER CAN BE PROVED INNOCENT by Todd Garrard Thompson and not prosecuted in three criminal cases. Det. Tesh St John is a lier and criminal - breach of oath of office, false reporting, and lying. 


Recorded conversation with Tesh St John revealed that he stated he has insufficient computer forensics training to establish any authentication of emails. THIS IS A LIE. Tesh did NOT contact the KBI which would have provided computer assistance and found the criminal. This incomplete, of a REAL suspect, police narrative was sent to Todd for review. Todd Thompson evidently is equally uneducated on computer forensics, OR HIS OFFICE IS CORRUPT AND WANTS TO PERSECUTE SINGLE FATHERS.

The Police Case Narrative by Tesh R. St John for this email address proves NOTHING. Put Todd Thompson email address on the narrative and blame him. Subpoena of the Internet provider of the IPv6 can produce a TMobile device and account that sent the emails. Additionally, the cell phone (if device is used) can be traced to a fairly accurate LOCATION by cell phone towers.

This computer forensic failure by Todd Thompson and Leavenworth police wasted a lot of Kansas taxpayers money and wasted time. THREE of the father persecuting email cases have lasted over 20 months, and still going, and going, and going. A computer expert was paid $1000 for a hearing to explain hearsay email computer forensics, and it was WASTED Kansas TAXPAYER MONEY, none of Todd attorneys, and no one besides the persecuted father, learned anything by the $1000 paid from KANSAS TAXES.

Other email addresses, like SamantaEndora at Yahoo, were NOT subpoenaed for forensics evidence, and just blamed on the father. (Seriously, samantaendora? Or asmodeuswatcher? Oh, and about half a dozen other fake email account names that were not investigated (just blamed on the single father).

Todd Thompson and police are NOT PRESERVING EVIDENCE and allowing the electronic evidence to be deleted by the ISP. Todd and the police DO NOT want to find the real criminal. If Todd and the police obstruct by waiting and the data is lost, this would be unlawful failure to preserve evidence, obstruction, direct cause of harm, and tortious. But, the father has been threatened by text messages traced to the Leavenworth police computer server FirstCity.org stating that the Leavenworth attorneys would persecute the father and drag him to court continually.

One of the threatening message is published. The Leavenworth attorneys, or person sending the threatening messages, are being true to their word by dragging the father into court for TEN YEARS. The police were made aware of the threatening messages to the father. KBI, KBA, or the Kansas Attorney General should investigate as Tesh St John has stated. The threatening text messages to the persecuted father CAME FROM THE FIRSTCITY.ORG SERVER. THIS IS THE LEAVENWORTH CITY AND POLICE SERVER. Police emails come from lvpd_example@FirstCity.org.

CRIMINAL IDENTY THEFT of the litigent father in family court of Hon. Dan K Wiley occurred by ONE using the LEAVENWORTH POLICE SERVER. The police computer is secured and ONLY ONE WITH POLICE ACCESS TO THE SERVER COMMITTED THE IDENTIY THEFT CRIME!!!!


Military fathers in LEAVENWORTH are NOW BEING PROSECUTED ON TEXT MESSAGES FROM "BURNER" PHONES - BLAMED ON THE FATHER AND IT NOT HIS PHONE NUMBER. Additionally, military fathers are being prosecuted on the fake hearsay emails too (probably sent by the mothers). Maybe Todd and Hon. Joan Lowdon believes every LIE SPOKEN BY A MOTHER ATTACKING THE FATHER. Or, someone in Todd office is PERSECUTING MILITARY FATHERS and preventing them from residential custody and the healthy children development, or even visitation. TEXT MESSAGES AND EMAILS ARE HEARSAY! OR DO SOME COMPUTER FORENSICS AND FIND THE REAL CRIMINAL, probably the mother. STOP ATTACKING FATHERS AND STOP THE COURT ABUSE OF CHILDREN IN LEAVENWORTH! Austin and Logan were killed in Leavenworth because of the failures to protect children. Four children killed in nine months in Leavenworth district.

Statistics on Fatherless Children in America

VOTE NotTodd in ALL FUTURE ELECTIONS - anyone, but NOT Todd in 2024 Leavenworth County Attorney Election - twice in less than a year budget increase, significantly increased their pay salaries, hid exculpatory evidence after adding staff for evidence - Cares about Political CAREER NOT CHILDREN - and VOTE "NO" - DO NOT RETAIN JUDGES. Change K.S.A. 20-2908 Retention of incumbent judge, or they have permanent life-time jobs. Alcohol and drug test judges, because impared judges make bad decisions involving Kansas children.

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