Domestic Family Court Legislation
Kansas Statue Changes
Information and Publications to Assist Children in Domestic Family Court Proceedings
Our mission is to communicate State legislation and document relevant cases to improve
domestic court processes and proceeding for Kansas children and families. 

KANSAS VOTERS CAN NOT Remove any JUDGE by retention election vote - Change KSA 20-2908

Legally define Parental Alienation as a crime and investigated by law enforcement and require judicial actions and punishment.

        * STOP PARENTAL ALIENATION CHILD ABUSE that is currently allowed by law enfocement, attorneys, and judges.
       * Parental alienation causes: 
63% of teen suicides;
70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions;
71% of high school drop-outs;
75% of children in chemical abuse centers;
85% of those in prison; 
85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders; and
90% of homeless and runaway children.


There are NO Kansas FAIRCOURTS WITH DRUNK JUDGES - Children get hurt and KILLED (Austin Logan Caleb Blansett)

        Cases and News Articles:
Judicial Alcoholism or Alcohol / Substance Abuse Possibly Related to Court Proceedings 
        Federal judge arrested in Johnson County, charged with driving under the influence
        Former drug court judge is disbarred for stealing cocaine from evidence locker
        Federal judge ordered to treat severe alcoholism
        Lawyer who was apparently intoxicated at discipline hearing agrees to disbarment
        More than 25% of law students have had psychiatric and substance-use disorders; are they hiding it?
        Thousands of court cases under review in Ohio after former judge allegedly came to work drunk
        Judges arrested for drunk driving are all over the U.S. As one jurist said, judges wear robes, not capes.
        A new study shows that more than 20 percent of lawyers have struggled with substance abuse or mental health problems.
        Tales of addiction: What every attorney should know about alcohol and substance abuse
        Three Judges From Same Court Busted For DWI - What\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s going on in this courthouse, and is there any way we can join the party?
        After Alcohol Incidents, Broward Judge Resigns From The Bench 
        Legally bombed: Young millennial lawyers, same old alcoholism
        Drink-driving Supreme Court judge Anne Bampton apologises, fined $1300 and disqualified from driving for eight months        
        Younger lawyers are most at risk for substance abuse and mental health problems, a new study reports
Publications for Recusal and Judicial Peremptory Challenge 
        Judge Judy speaks about Family Courts and Judges on Norm Mcdonald Show
        Judge Judy: Family Court Should Be Monitored by the Press - PJ Media
        Fair Courts: setting reCusal standards - Brennan Center for Justice
        Judicial Peremptory Challenges as Access Enhancers - Fordham Law
        Peremptory Challenges to a Judge in California
        102 dead children had prior Illinois DCFS contact, audit finds
        City attorney and public defender call for judge to step down after accusations of partiality
Email and Text Messages - Hearsay Evidence and IP Tracing Email
        Technical subpoena / motion to compel information to defend false allegations and "railroaded" prosecution
        Leavenworth DA Todd Thompson Corruption with False allegations of "Hearsay email" harassment for PFS lawfare by police/judicial in custody cases to prevent fathers access to their children.
        Understanding IP / IPv4 and IPv6 information for email and cell phone internet source tracking
        LV Police stole the identy of targeted single father to prosecute with lawfare and prosecuted on FAKE EMAILS created in the Justice Center
           Benjamin N. Casad discovered the stolen identy crime committed by the Leavenworth police. Google Legal provided the evidence
           Det. Tesh St. John could have found the criminal, he refused to submit the IPv6 to T-Mobile for the criminals name -
           Tesh said he LACKED EDUCATION AND KNOWLEDGE and the KBI would have helped Tesh, but Tesh St. John refused to find the criminal - corruption?
        The Leaevnworth police used STOLEN INFORMATION TO CREATE AT LEAST ONE ILLEGAL INTERNET ACCOUNT. Created in the police station
        Emails have an origination IPv4/IPv6 address which is traceable to a device in control of that IPv4/IPv6 address. LV Officer Williams BWC explains
        IPv6 addresses have the Mac ID of the device (phone/computer/android) embedded.
           Subpoena Samples for Evidence from Email Providers to Assist Falsely Accused Fathers that are prosecuted (or railroaded) in Family Courts.
       Computer Forensics Book - Investigating Internet Crimes: An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace
Cases and Published Material for Reference:
        Kansas Legal Services Grievance for Ethical Violations and Discrimination - KLS Grievance Committee Allowing Child Abuse - Child denied protection
        Push To Change Custody Laws: What is Best For Kids? PPR Jennifer Ludden - Change laws to help children before they get harmed.
        Man sentenced after child sustains 31 broken bones - Maybe the court could have given residential custody to a grandparent to protected this child.
        Recent Developments in Ethics: New ABA Model Rule 8.4(g): Is this Rule Good for Kansas?
        Leavenworth County prosecutor pushing for tougher child abuse laws 
        Ohio lawyer sentenced to 30 days in jail for pleading that - was an attempt to mislead the court, obstruct justice and prejudice the administration of justice
        Posner says he is open to litigating on behalf of pro se litigants, defends book
        Curbing Cash Register Style Justice abusedchild
        Lawyer suspended for lying about case filings, creating fake brief to back up his account
KANSAS VOTERS CAN NOT Remove a JUDGE by Retention Election Vote. It has never happened, judges knows this statistical election fact. The Kansas voters are the ones that DO NOT KNOW judges can not be removed with the current law KSA 20-2908 (and KSA 20-2912). Kansas Constitution Article 3 ยง 5(c) needs ("a majority") changed to "forty percent" for Justices of the Supreme Court to be removed by Kansas retention election voters (statistically).  
KANSAS VOTERS CAN NOT Remove any JUDGE by retention election vote - change KSA 20-2908
Kansas Family Court Judges are the WORST CHILD ABUSERS - They promote and allow it! They do not follow Kansas laws, Ignore KSA 23-3401 KSA 23-3403 preventing fathers parental RIGHTS, Weaponize KSA 23-3508 for obstruction and derelection, and allow child kidnapping by the judge cousins friends. (case reference available) 

Leavenworth District Judge Dan K. Wileys cousin making false police report with minor child against a father recorded on police BWC/CAM - allowed in the Leavenworth Justice Center and not prosecuted by Todd G. Thompson. https://thelayneproject.com/directors/ no child saved until trina gets paid